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Gold has always been a matter of discussion for centuries across all cultures, communities, societies, to be precise across the world. Of course, Gold buyers in Kerala realise that, the value of this yellow metal is increasing day by day, and naturally its price too. As we know, there may be fluctuations in the price depending on various factors. So let’s have adiscussion on them.

The following factors or scenarios affect Gold rates. So if you want to sell Gold for cash in Kerala or if you are looking for Gold buyers in Calicut, definitely a general understanding of these components helps in financial planning and it may improve your awareness of different aspects of ‘daily Economics’.

The following factors affect Gold rates

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Gold Reserve

Reserve Bank of India keeps currency reserves and gold reserves as well. As we know ours is a thickly populated and large country. So this Gold reserve may result in an increase in the Gold price, since there will be a higher cash flow and Gold availability will be lesser in the market. This may be an opportunity for you to sell Gold for cash in Kerala

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Global Movement

India is one of the largest importers of Gold. Naturally, any fluctuation in the international Gold market will have an impact on the Gold price here. Indeed, those changes reflect in our Gold price.

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Usually investors prefer Gold to currency. Because it can normalise inflation to some extent. Naturally there is a high demand for Gold if there is inflation. At the same time, a lesser inflation may lower the demand for Gold which will eventually lead to a fall in price. So when you plan to sell Gold for cash in Kerala, do approach the best Gold buying company.

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Gold jewellery

We love Gold jewelleries. So they are an inevitable part of our festivals, weddings and many other celebrations. There are several regular Gold buyers in Kerala and they hold a large portion of Gold. No need to say, during different festival and wedding seasons the Gold price naturally goes high. Still Gold buyers in a city like Calicut or a top Gold buying company in Kerala may be ready to buy their favourite metal. As we know electronic companies use Gold in the manufacturing of various products. So a portion of Gold is used for this kind of purposes. This clearly shows the demand for Gold in our state. And this is why Gold buyers in Kerala prefer to stock the metal.

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Political Crisis

Political instability may cause a rise in price. Because when there is a political unrest, people lose trust in the government. As a result, they become more bothered about the future and tend to buy more Gold as an investment or reserve. This leads to a higher demand for the yellow metal and naturally the price increases. You may want to sell Gold for cash in Kerala, meanwhile someone else may be a Gold buyer in Calicut. Logically, this may be the right time for both!

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Interest on Deposits and others

It is seen that, a higher interest rate results in a tendency to sell Gold. And when the Gold is available in plenty in the market, naturally the price goes down. Obviously top Gold buying companies in Kerala may find it the right time to purchase. On the other hand, when the interest rate is lowered, needless to say the Gold price may go up, because the availability will be comparatively less. If you are in need of quick money, this will be an opportunity to approach Gold buyers in Calicut.

Gold and Demand

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The demand doesn’t match supply at times and vice versa. There are many Gold buyers in
Kerala. And while buying Gold they may be considering diverse factors.

Irrespective of demand and supply you can come to us. Because as the top Gold buying
company we respect the value of Gold and only that matters.

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