IMG GOLD BUYERS IN KERALA, India’s No 1 gold buying company,  IMG GOLD BUYERS IN KERALA  is the pioneer and the 1st to introduce the concept of buying gold at an online price. We lend a helping hand to the customer to release pledged gold from financial institutes/pawnbrokers. The trust and satisfaction of our customers are the reason behind the growth of our organization. IMG GOLD BUYERS IN KERALA  offers instant spot cash for gold, jewellery. Selling gold is easy and fast, visit our nearest branch to avail the best price for your gold now.

How it Works

Sell Your Gold in Quick & Easy Steps with Transparency!

Sell Gold

You are free to compare us with the rest of the market. We offer you the best market price for gold without having you worry about it at all.

Release pledged gold

we help you  sell gold for money and give you the most competitive price in the market. We buy gold,  any other jewellery, making it easy to sell what you like.

Instant money

If you are looking for the true value for your gold, IMG gold buyers will help you get spot payment for gold and help you release pledged gold with minimum documentation

We are trusted by more than 10,000 clients

IMG GOLD BUYERS  has quickly gained the public trust and recognition in the field of GOLD by executing the business most professionally way adhering to lawful activity. We have many branches in major Cities in 3 different states in INDIA which includes Kerala, Karnataka, Telugana. Aiming to reach best Gold Buyers in  India in the nearing future to serve customers better. Visit any of our nearby branch and get spot cash for gold @ current market price now.


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