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IMG Gold Buyers


Gold Buyers

We buy your gold

We give you payment within 20 minutes of approval and assessment of your gold valuables, whatever be the value. IMG Gold Buyers are the best  gold buyer in KeralaHyderabadBangalore.

Check your gold purity with the help of advanced technology and modern equipment. We understand the anxiety that comes with selling gold for payment online or offline

Advanced Technology for Gold purity Checking

IMG gold Buyers is one of the best gold Buyers Online . Our Gold Purity Spectrum Analyzer is based on X Ray Fluorescence technology with gas filled proportional counter detector used in our branches for checking your exact gold purity for the best value

We Release our Pledged Gold

We will buy any 916 hall mark Gold Jewellery by sending our team to your doorstep and provide you fast and efficient service.  Also note that in such transactions we will only offer RTGS as payment mode. IMG Gold Buyers are the pledged gold buyers in Hyderabad.

Door Step Services

If you are apprehensive to step out of your home to sell gold for cash, don’t worry we have got you covered. With our doorstep service, you can now sell gold jewellery for cash anytime, at the click of a button. Give us a call and we will be there at the earliest.

Spot payment your Jewellery

We help you minimize your losses with correct guidance and evaluation methods. Our experts are available at the click of a button. IMG sell gold are cash for gold for the pledged gold Buyers are 100% transparent to Sell Gold For Cash near me.

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