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We buy your gold

IMG Gold Buyers are  best  gold buyer in Kerala, HyderabadBangalore. 

We give you payment within 20 minutes of approval and assessment of your gold valuables, whatever be the value.

 So we Check your gold purity with the help of advanced technology and modern equipment. Because We understand the anxiety that comes with selling gold for payment online or offline and we are ready to give the best value for the gold 

To make the process smoother and stress-free, our customer care executives like our  walk you through the important documentation like checking parameters, and the current price in the market.

If you are not comfortable walking into our stores, because we give you  doorstep services option to help you sell gold for payment near me. We are here to help you always.moreover

How we are the Best Gold Selling Company?

Maximum Guaranteed Price for Your Gold

You are free to compare us with the rest of the market. We offer you the best market price for gold without having you worry about it at all. Because We understand your concern to sell gold for payment, but with our advanced technology, we ensure we give you the true value of every small quantity extracted. We are the Best Gold Buyer In Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore

No Middlemen

We operate with complete transparency and openness. We do not have any middlemen or intermediaries that offer selling gold for cash anywhere. You can book a consultation call with us or walk into our nearest branch office to evaluate your gold and sell gold for payment in kozhikode.
With high volumes and low margin, we ensure you get the best price for your gold instantly. Note: img gold buyer does not promote any middlemen or intermediary franchises to sell gold for payment. We work independently.

You Save on Your Wastage

Typically unprofessional operators are unable to extract gold without minor wastage of Gold. Our professional team is able to extract the maximum out of your gold ornaments. so We check the gold quantity, quality, and heaviness in front of you.
We can extract gold from ornaments without wasting any of it. Our team of experts helps to carefully evaluate the gold and remove it without losing any gold.

On Point Valuation

With our advanced gold evaluation technology and increasing awareness of FinTech, we provide you with the best price for your gold. We have our branch offices spread across the city to facilitate easy disbursement. Now you can sell gold for payment without worrying about the valuation at all. finally all the Documents and transaction done, and then we value the customers satisfaction .

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