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We Release your Pledged Gold

Still skeptical to get your gold back? Don’t worry, you have IMG gold buyers right with you. IMG Gold Buyers are the One of the leading  pledged gold buyers in Hyderabad.  We help you release pledged gold with zero hassle and minimum documentation.  

Sell your pledged gold

With our exclusive doorstep services, we help you  sell gold for money and give you the most competitive price in the market. We buy gold,  any other jewellery, making it easy to sell what you like. Get in touch with the leading  pledged gold buyers in Kozhikode today!

We will buy any 916 hall mark Gold Jewellery by sending our team to your doorstep and provide you fast and efficient service.  Also note that in such transactions we will only offer RTGS as payment mode. IMG Gold Buyers are the pledged gold buyers in Hyderabad.

pledged gold buyers Hyderabad.Why should you release your pledged gold and sell?

While gold is one of the most precious metals and is expected to grow in value with time, you need to be careful if you are facing challenges in paying your EMIs on pledged gold; Here IMG Gold Buyers are best for release the pledged gold buyers in Hyderabad It’s said that 65 per cent of gold pledged with banks and NBFCs are never released and are auctioned because of the inability of most borrowers to repay loans. In most cases, the borrowers end up losing more money than what they could have gained if they had sold gold in the first place,

This is because most banks and NBFCs do not provide loans beyond the RBI guidance value of 75 percent. In some cases it’s as low as 65 percent.

So imagine you had pledged jewellery worth Rs 2 Lakhs with a bank, and take a loan of say Rs 120,000. If by any bad luck you are unable to repay the loan, what you end up losing is Rs 80,000.

We understand the hassle of waiting for hours at end to release pledged gold and the uncertainty that comes with valuation. We help you eliminate all this instantly.

Walk in to your nearest branch and release pledged gold in minutes!

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