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Instant Cash For Gold During Financial Crisis

Sell your gold jewelry online and receive instant cash payments. Our service is fast and convenient. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the process.We buy all types of gold jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, chains, etc. We pay  best rate for your gold items.

Convert your gold into cash through the simple steps

1) IMG Executive will take customer photo and ornaments photo once they visited to our branch

 We will take the photos of all the ornaments and the customer as an initial procedure .

2) We ensure customer gold weight are accurate in front of customer

Customer Loyalty is the Holy Grail of sales and marketing. Loyal customers are worth their literal weight in gold because they’ve reached a level of trust, familiarity, and affinity for IMG Gold Buyers. 

3) Our Executive will verify their all documents like ID and Address proof, Invoice etc

You can submit your Aadhaar card, PAN card, Passport, Voter’s ID card, and Driving License as proof of identification. You will have to provide recent passport-size photographs along with the filled-up loan application form.

4) We will start to check gold in front of customer through XRF Machine. We are using one of the best machines for gold testing in our all locations.

IMG gold Buyers is one of the best gold Buyers Online . Our Gold Purity Spectrum Analyzer is based on X Ray Fluorescence technology with gas filled proportional counter detector used in our branches for checking your exact gold purity for the best value

5) We will explain/show the purity of gold one by one and will arrive value of gold finally

The purity of gold is measured in carats. The purest gold has a measure of 24 carats. It indicates that there is no other metal mixed with the gold. As the cartage of gold reduces, it indicates the existence of other metals, typically copper and silver, mixed with gold. For example, 18 carat gold has 75% (18/24) of gold and 25% of other metals.

6) Our executive will help you to fill all application and mean while your gold amount will be approved by Team OP within 5 min

 After taking all the details and gold value confirmation , we will proceed for the final approval from the HO team. 

7) Customer all details will be uploaded to software for future reference by IMG executive.

All the customer details are recorded in our records . All the will details will be very confidential.

8) Final amount will be transferred to customer account with in 10 min once software approval received from HO.

If all the above said Documents and Verification is Completed , gold weight and value is  completed . we will move forward for the next step of cash transfer on spot . 

9) IMG will ensure customer fund in account before He/she leave from the branch.

We will make ensure the customer is happy with the services are providing with the IMG Gold Buyers. Because we are always believe in customer Satisfaction is  our Growth. 

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