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Gold Buyers in Hyderabad
Gold Buyers in Hyderabad

Understanding Hallmarks Before You Sell Your Gold to Gold Buyers in Hyderabad

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Understanding Hallmarks Before You Sell Your Gold to

Gold Buyers in Hyderabad

Gold Buyers in Hyderabad

Thinking of selling your gold in Hyderabad? Whether it’s old jewelry, unwanted coins, or inherited pieces, understanding the purity of your gold is crucial to ensure you get a fair price from reputable gold buyers in Hyderabad. Here’s your ultimate guide to deciphering hallmarks, those tiny markings that reveal your gold’s worth.

Why Hallmarks Matter for Hyderabad Sellers

Hyderabad is a bustling city with numerous gold buying companies. However, navigating the market can be tricky. Knowing the purity of your gold through hallmarks empowers you to negotiate effectively and avoid getting lowballed by some gold buyers in Hyderabad. Reputable top gold buying companies in Hyderabad will always base their offers on the weight and purity of your gold, as determined by the hallmark.

Understanding Hallmark Types in India

In India, gold purity is indicated by hallmarking. Here’s a breakdown of the common hallmarks you’ll encounter:

  • 24KT (99.5% purity): This is the purest form of gold, but due to its softness, it’s rarely used in jewelry.
  • 22KT (91.6% purity): This is the most common type of gold jewelry in India. You’ll often see the marking “22K916” or “916” on the piece.
  • 18KT (75% purity): This is a popular choice for more durable jewelry. The hallmark might read “18K750” or “750”.

14KT (58.5% purity) and 10KT (41.7% purity): These are less common in India but offer affordability with lower gold content. The hallmark will indicate the karat (KT) value

Finding the Hallmark on Your Gold

Hallmarks are usually tiny inscriptions on the clasp or inner side of your gold jewelry. Look for a series of numbers or letters indicating the karat (KT) purity and a certification mark from a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) approved agency. Reputable gold buying companies in Hyderabad will have a hallmark verification process to ensure authenticity.

Tips for Selling Your Gold in Hyderabad

  • Get quotes from multiple top gold buying companies in Hyderabad. Don’t settle for the first offer you receive.
  • Look for companies with a transparent pricing structure based on hallmark weight.
  • Ensure the gold buyer you choose is BIS certified for hallmark verification.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and understand the selling process.


By understanding hallmarks, you’re well on your way to becoming a savvy gold seller in Hyderabad. Remember, informed sellers get the best deals! So, before you head out to those gold buying companies in Hyderabad, equip yourself with this knowledge and ensure you receive a fair price for your precious gold.




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